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F&B / Restaurants

Dining is a great environment for brand expression. When Brand Tango worked on The Press Room concept for a boutique hotel on the West Coast of Florida, we envisioned a coffee shop with a nouveau French Factory setting complete with a working turn-of the century letterpress churning out gift cards, coasters and ephemera. Individual French press coffees create a fun brand ritual and a delicious brew. Our team is highly experienced in amplifying the passion and inspiration behind our F&B clients to intensify their brand positioning and reinvigorate their brand identity—such as with Casa D’ Angelo, James Beard, Farina, and ColorTea.

Dining has been raised to an absolute art form. From menus to décor and the tablescape, every touch counts.

Our team of brand engineers believe that every element of F&B design should be regarded as a piece of art. For Casa D’ Angelo, we created a new optical identity to reinforce their status as one of the most well known Italian restaurants in their market. The stunning quality of the materials used to create the seemingly handcrafted menus was further accentuated by the application of vivid colors, reminiscent of the rich food in Italy. The menus, tablescapes, food delivery rituals, product packaging, branding and signage sit squarely in the brand toolbox.

For the James Beard event they hosted, a top honor for any chef and restaurant, materials continued to be the winning touch as our team utilized embossed, raised sheets and intricate outer sleeves to spruce up their menu renderings. For Farina and ColorTea, we conducted a comprehensive image assessment based on brand, channel, and market research in order to understand the current state of their individual categories as well as rejuvenate and stimulate their growth. With Farina, we crafted a new way to garner consumer participation for their special pesto: conceptualizing and designing a sample vial, complete with a purchasing information tag, at the conclusion of each patron’s meal. In similar fashion, presentation played a significant role in the ColorTea project as we boosted the vibrancy of the packaging to segue the traditional Chinese brand into a contemporary and challenging American market.

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Thank you for visiting Brand Tango. After 14 years in business, we are proud to announce the next chapter in our story. As of 2020, we are a part of the Lamark family, a leader in new media performance marketing. Together, we have the vision to build the world’s first holistic digital agency focused on Building Brand Performance.

Our client partnerships can now benefit from a combination of Brand Tango’s powerful storytelling and strategic approach to brand design and Lamark’s highly effective digital marketing performance capabilities. The growth adds an additional office in Austin, Texas and brings our combined team just under 100. Additionally, the merger will expand our capabilities and give the Brand Tango team new opportunities, a greater reach, and more resources to realize our project ambitions.

Our studio started with a desire to innovate and craft across all channels with strategy and passion as our guiding lights. We are the makers, the architects, the builders with an approach that has always been bold, independent, and differentiated.

So, with a new set of shared skills and a steadfast vision, we look forward to exploring this next level of ambition both personally and professionally. We wish to thank our clients, partners, and friends who have believed in and supported us over the years. Thank you. While the name may be evolving, our passion for the work remains the same.

Build brands, delight people and dare to be different.

James Kluetz
James Kluetz