Empowering B2B

Empowering B2B

One of Brand Tango’s predominant advantages is its Clark Kent ability to supersede the bounds of traditional marketing techniques, which enables them to methodically empower business to business. As emerging technologies continue to rapidly transform the corporate landscape and heighten the need for a competitive edge, Brand Tango is often approached by businesses to uncover how they can harness new opportunities and leverage our phenomenal intellectual properties and award-winning execution to achieve more. By challenging existing conventions, inspiring new ways of thinking, and unlocking actionable insights about white space in their market, we position brands more securely within their industry – as seen with the VuPulse, FastKit, DAE and Keg TV projects.

Investor kits, ideation for stakeholders and good old fashioned targeted B2B collateral. Doing our part to keep industry moving…

VuPulse—a mobile application that delivers the ability to order Pay-Per-View content directly through their phone, our team built an actual app prototype for people to download and project on a presentation screen so the true value of the product could be expeditiously sold rather than gradually explained. The FastKit project enabled us to highlight the brand’s specialization—an impressive suite of finishing serves—in a commercial product for the first time in its history. The Perfect Finish is an award-winning, 13-page marketing masterpiece that embodies the in-house finishing genius of the brand and displays captivating replications of different finishing styles adroitly executed by the company.

For DAE, our team mobilized our innate sense of human connectivity with compelling B2B corporate storytelling by deftly wielding a diverse portfolio of arresting branded collateral and messaging to dramatically express the company’s disruptive stance for stakeholders. Our team was engaged by Keg TV—a free online channel geared specifically towards college student—to create a concept book and brand voice that would be synonymous with their programming style: fresh, original and entertaining with a smart wit and biting honesty. We artfully entwined these genuine and raw touchpoints in their brand logo to aid them in powering their brand for consumer consumption.

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Thank you for visiting Brand Tango. After 14 years in business, we are proud to announce the next chapter in our story. As of 2020, we are a part of the Lamark family, a leader in new media performance marketing. Together, we have the vision to build the world’s first holistic digital agency focused on Building Brand Performance.

Our client partnerships can now benefit from a combination of Brand Tango’s powerful storytelling and strategic approach to brand design and Lamark’s highly effective digital marketing performance capabilities. The growth adds an additional office in Austin, Texas and brings our combined team just under 100. Additionally, the merger will expand our capabilities and give the Brand Tango team new opportunities, a greater reach, and more resources to realize our project ambitions.

Our studio started with a desire to innovate and craft across all channels with strategy and passion as our guiding lights. We are the makers, the architects, the builders with an approach that has always been bold, independent, and differentiated.

So, with a new set of shared skills and a steadfast vision, we look forward to exploring this next level of ambition both personally and professionally. We wish to thank our clients, partners, and friends who have believed in and supported us over the years. Thank you. While the name may be evolving, our passion for the work remains the same.

Build brands, delight people and dare to be different.

James Kluetz
James Kluetz