Brand Expression

Brand Expression

Brand Tango’s signature imprint upon the world of visual communication can be traced irrefutably to its elite approach to brand expression. Largely viewed as a multidisciplinary practice that melds brand strategy (how the brand is defined) and brand identity (how the brand is articulated), brand expression articulates the absolute essence of a brand by meting out the multi-sensory properties associated with managing consumer expectations through an imaginative exploration of the brand’s core purpose. The virtuosity needed to produce this levelof strategic thinking that goes beyond normal tactics has become Brand Tango’s trademark—and is distinguishable within the Casa D’Angelo, ColorTea, Sirenis and Farina projects.

Identity design, brand standards and unique ways to deliver a brand image.

Casa D’Angelo approached Brand Tango to upgrade their brand experience and guide the company’s touchpoints to the next dimension where promise meets expectation. To showcase the restaurant’s growth and rebrand its image, our team created a versatile logo and redesigned their menu, business cards, and other collateral—which were all characterized by beautiful, unique materials, such as laser engraved into metal applique pieces, smartly interwoven with the brand essence.

For ColorTea, our team worked to ensure that the brand sustained its differentiation and legitimacy by designing an inventive logo and expressive packaging to translate it from a Chinese commodity to an American marvel. One of our most stellar examples of brand expression, the Sirenis project, propelled our team to ensure that the brand power of their premium travelers club would be experienced beyond the final sale by gifting members with an intricately accessorized and branded iPad. With Farina/Pummaro, our team was engaged to elevate the brand’s impression and, more specifically, persuade skeptical customers to purchase their award-winning Emerald Pesto. Building upon the simple nuances of the brand—such as their authenticity and refinement, we established a savvy product introduction process by which customers were proffered, upon completion of their meal, a stylish, plastic vile containing a sample with a code for a discounted purchase.

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Thank you for visiting Brand Tango. After 14 years in business, we are proud to announce the next chapter in our story. As of 2020, we are a part of the Lamark family, a leader in new media performance marketing. Together, we have the vision to build the world’s first holistic digital agency focused on Building Brand Performance.

Our client partnerships can now benefit from a combination of Brand Tango’s powerful storytelling and strategic approach to brand design and Lamark’s highly effective digital marketing performance capabilities. The growth adds an additional office in Austin, Texas and brings our combined team just under 100. Additionally, the merger will expand our capabilities and give the Brand Tango team new opportunities, a greater reach, and more resources to realize our project ambitions.

Our studio started with a desire to innovate and craft across all channels with strategy and passion as our guiding lights. We are the makers, the architects, the builders with an approach that has always been bold, independent, and differentiated.

So, with a new set of shared skills and a steadfast vision, we look forward to exploring this next level of ambition both personally and professionally. We wish to thank our clients, partners, and friends who have believed in and supported us over the years. Thank you. While the name may be evolving, our passion for the work remains the same.

Build brands, delight people and dare to be different.

James Kluetz
James Kluetz