Brand Tango, in partnership with Stella, was appointed to create a new brand identity and design the user experience for Accen-tu-ate—a new line of presentation products complemented by an impressive finishing house. With hundreds of binder manufacturers in the market, our team was challenged to define a brand and product system to help non-designers achieve designer results with custom presentations. Prefaced by an in-depth assessment into the company’s strengths and opportunities, we also proposed a new brand position, offset by unique retail naming, to reflect the company’s confident execution and unrivaled in-house finishing capabilities.

A brand and product system to help non-designers achieve designer results with custom presentations.

Our team designed Accen-tu-ate’s brand identity based off the need for inspiring, well-designed corporate products that can be purchased and used in various presentation applications. From sales kits to point of purchase and beyond, our detailed product lines—such as Flare, Slick, and Planet— fortify the brand’s position as true artisans of their craft. To further underline the brand’s core offerings, we established the Accen-tu-ate Design Lab where non-designers can infuse their own brand personality into a suite of corporate presentations with state-of-the-art results. Harnessing the power of this forward-thinking solution allowed customers to effortlessly express their personal brand style and creativity and gave added credibility to Accentuate as the source for stunning, customizable client projects.

The delivery of Accen-tu-ate’s key assets is further strengthened with the infinite opportunities our team created to take brand touch points to a whole new level. The visual content of the presentation products were carefully selected and designed with a nod to both the company’s character and culture. To consummate the brand experience, we worked simultaneously on the marketing, digital experience, retail design, and point of sale to refine the relevance of Accen-tu-ate and create a pathway for future business growth.

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Thank you for visiting Brand Tango. After 14 years in business, we are proud to announce the next chapter in our story. As of 2020, we are a part of the Lamark family, a leader in new media performance marketing. Together, we have the vision to build the world’s first holistic digital agency focused on Building Brand Performance.

Our client partnerships can now benefit from a combination of Brand Tango’s powerful storytelling and strategic approach to brand design and Lamark’s highly effective digital marketing performance capabilities. The growth adds an additional office in Austin, Texas and brings our combined team just under 100. Additionally, the merger will expand our capabilities and give the Brand Tango team new opportunities, a greater reach, and more resources to realize our project ambitions.

Our studio started with a desire to innovate and craft across all channels with strategy and passion as our guiding lights. We are the makers, the architects, the builders with an approach that has always been bold, independent, and differentiated.

So, with a new set of shared skills and a steadfast vision, we look forward to exploring this next level of ambition both personally and professionally. We wish to thank our clients, partners, and friends who have believed in and supported us over the years. Thank you. While the name may be evolving, our passion for the work remains the same.

Build brands, delight people and dare to be different.

James Kluetz
James Kluetz